EZ Shadow Box Builder
EZ Shadow Box Builder

EZ Shadow Box Builder

Your Customizable Shadow Box Builder

100% Customizable Shadow Boxes

Easily choose, arrange, and customize your awards and memories exactly as you would like. We also offer professional assembly!

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Why Choose EZ Shadow Box Builder

The perfect gift for a loved one or simply for yourself.

  • Veteran

    Made by Veterans, for Veterans

    Proudly made in the USA. Our team of veterans carefully arrange, inspect, and pack every Shadow Box to be shipped to your front door.

  • Medals

    Include Your EZ Ribbon & Medal Racks

    Use the EZ Rack Builder to build your racks and simply add them to your shadow Box.

  • Personalized

    Completely Personalized

    Personal items can be added either by mailing them to us to assemble professionally or adding as placeholders if you’d like to arrange them at home.

  • Customizable

    Absolutely Customizable

    Choose from four felt color options, thousands of items including badges, patches and unit crests. And of course hundreds of ribbons and medals.


Professionally Arranged & Inspected

Triple checked for Precision, Quality and Craftsmanship.
You'll be ready to show off your shadow box with confidence.

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